Interior design

Every person is unique, the combination of the persons preferences, habits and tastes is unrevised. During the work with the customer firsrt and the main is to be able to catch namely this personality and peculiarity. The careful attitude to the wishes of the client- is the clue to the comfortable and fine interior making. Our designers can even at the architectural stage make as well the interior design of your home or apartment as to choose and approve with you the required materials and find the furniture producer, as the result providing the pricelist for upcoming work.

The design workout begins from the design project making- this contains the drawings of rooms and description of all coming interior details, including the finishing materials and the location of the communications. In the project presents the technical task, in which all the requirements and wishes of the client is enclosed. At this stage the designer proposes to you a couple variants with the main functual zones of placement and the location of the furniture. Due to the complexity of the 3D modelling, at the stage of superficial planning the detailed 3D models are made only after the negotiations with the client.

After the approval of the location zones the design drawings of electric ducts are fulfiled and is planned the placement of the electric equipment(lightning, electric heater, kitchen techelements etc). If it is needed the plans of floors and ceilings, the placement of the plumbing equipment, the finishing materials specification, reserved materials, the furniture units and decore are designed.

For the final stage is the realization of the planned work. At this point the designer will control the finishing and repair brigades, furniture producers work and help you to define with the picking of the pricelists from suppliers and control the deadlines for material and subcontracting work delivery.