Digitalization, visualization, measurements

  • Transfer of photos, from scanned or paper storages to the digital formats, correction of the old digital drawings. Layers/plotting/norms- in respect to your inquiries

The drawings are made in the CAD system and sent to the client in accordance with the requirement(dwg, dxf, pdf, jpg or every other form under agreement)

  • The drawing plotting of the existing buildings, structures and details with the stated measurements.7

Our specialist is doing by himself the measurements and makes the drawings. This can be as well a house, summerhouse as other construction to which the drawings are needed. The drawings are executed in the CAD system and distributed to the client in the needed format. This could be the simple drawing with views or the 3D model with full detailing (dwg, dxf, pdf, jpg or another possible format under agreement).

  • The production of any drawing and model of the interior design according to the sketches for small companies and private individuals(2D or 3D design)

This can be the designed solution or working, assembly element drawings, the detailed drawings of construction for serial production and production specifications. In this category could belong following:

  • Design of steel and timber stairs
  • Design of kitchens, wardrobes, interiors of shops with specific furniture
  • Design of all complex interior elements for CNC machines
  • Design of elements from sheet steel