Architectural design

Our specialists have enormous experience in making the architectural projects of detached, apartment and row houses. In the collaboration we consider all your wishes, discuss all your ideas, propose to you the alternative vision of problem for making at the end the house having complete functionality, energy saving, aesthetics and harmony with surrounding environment.

Our architects guarantee the individual approach to every client, executing in accordance with the customers ideas and wishes. One includes the next phases below:

  • sketch project(the discussion happens with the customer about the details of the building, location, areas and content of the rooms are being analyzed properly. The selection of the examples and concepts are being fulfilled. The aim is to clarify the customer wishes).
  • Architectural project(under the basis of the sketch project is produced the room location in 3D format. As the output the customer see how the house looks like inside and outside).

Working project(architect works out the project with the consideration of the bearing structures of wished house under structural engineers surveillance).