About company

”MPD OY” - is the contemporary architecture and engineering company, which offers the complete batch of building construction design services for private persons and little companies.

In our team work specialists, who own required knowledge, education and huge experience in the design of building structures.

Our engineers will create architectural, structural, sketch projects for your home, help in getting needed permissions for construction and approvals in different bureaus. We will make the batch of documentation, implement required strength, fire resistance and sound insulation calculations, make the details, which are needed for building montage, if it needed will also assist with the project management from the beginning till the commissioning for exploit.’

Our company also offers in management of interior design services. As the practice and experience show with these things it is required to do simultaneously with the creation of basic home projects, in this case the inner capacity of the rooms would be more efficiently and functionally thought through. We choose the materials for finishing of rooms; design the furniture for kitchen, bathroom and cloakroom; produce the drawings for stairs.

If you have your home already, but the energy class is absent, no drawings in digital format, our company could do the measuring project of your home or your living place(including geodesy), makes and approves inquired drawings and documents. We transfer the drawings from all storages to the digital environment of CAD or BIM and create the 3D model of the ready-made structure.

Our clients are the private individuals or little companies, who save their time and money working with us. All is possible to request from us beginning from your idea till its realization, if it is vital to get as the output the professional and certified project, which has no any unsolved questions.

Our aim- on every stage is to warn the problem arousals and the mistakes; submit optimal solutions and documentation till agreed time schedule. The specialists of our company are going to work with you, from the onset of idea stage, project calculation till its finish- this can behold you from unexpected complications and expenses.

Our task- is to present professionally and in full measure to you the whole batch of technical documentation from the approval stage till its realization.